The Adventures of a Cop turned Artist


I was born and raised in Oregon, just outside of Portland.  “Keeping Portland Weird” is not just a bumper sticker or a new phenomenon.  So, I guess it was not surprising that after a college degree in Art,  I began a twenty-two year career in law enforcement!

  I was a Detective for twelve yearsDuring that time I was a forensic artist.  As a Detective, I also worked with child abuse victims for six years.   I gained a new perspective on joy and resiliency from these children.  My goal was to try to reflect these feelings in my work.

My paintings are done in acrylic which gives me bright bold colors to complement the simple shapes.  My paintings are a reaction to super-real paintings that look like photography.  These painting, though technically impressive, leave little room for the viewer’s imagination to participate. 

So in my paintings I make a conscious attempt to flatten and skew things.  Some surprises in perspective, changes in shadows and shapes, all contribute to the fun.   I am most pleased when I see people smile at my work.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I got to this link from the info re: the Beavercreek open studios site (I missed that event). Where do you show your art? Can you send me the name of any galleries you show in? Love your work. Thanks. Jen

  2. Hi Connie, It is great to meet another Veenker artist. I’m Matthew, Jim’s (aka Jimmy) oldest son. I like your explanations of the thoughts behind your approach to art. One day I hope to make it back up to Portland for a family event, and I hope to meet you.

  3. Wow. I just found your blog today and am really happy about that. You offer a lot of experience and knowledge which is very generous, and also I love your paintings. I’ll be back for sure!

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