dog_portraitJust a quick note about the loss of our best friend.  After having just moved into this house, our wonderful friend and companion of 12 years was taken from us the day before Thanksgiving.  I had not been able to write about this til now because it feels like it was not yet time.  The back story is this:  when I was a Detective, I had a particularly awful child abuse case.  The mother of the victim did all the right things, which meant moving from their home to an apartment and therefore having to give up their 9 month old puppy (a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever).  I had previously met the dog and when she mentioned she had nowhere else for him to go, I offered to take him.  We had no dogs, so it was a bit of a learning curve; all the way around.  He soon became the center of our Universe.  From puppy to playful grown dog, he was a joy to have around.  I started a portrait of him, without knowing what lay ahead.  That portrait did not get finished until about a week ago because it just sat in my studio and I could not work on it.  But here it is… I do not feel that it is  finished (and perhaps it never will be) because my memory is stronger than my ability to paint it.

Happy Trails Baby Boy