Location, Location, Location

got sheep (640x632)So, they say in real estate that location is everything. But I never thought that was important in Art. Turns out that after I moved from a very remote location to a more central location, my open studio experience changed dramatically.

I had always had a steady number of people come to my twice yearly open studio sale, but when we moved into a more central location, my numbers doubled and so did my sales. It was quite a surprise, I guess I had figured that most of the people in the area had seen my work, but that was clearly not the case. Most of the sales I made at the new location were from people who had never been to my studio before.

This experience just reminds me of how important it is to use the same criteria in picking your outside shows venues and the galleries you choose to show in. A nice gallery that gets no walk-ins because it is located in an awkward place is not doing you any good. Likewise a show that has not done its job of advertising and promoting might also be a waste of your time. All of these outside things eat up your art making time. The prep work for a show or gallery, the transport and time spent at the booth or a reception are not reimbursed if you don’t sell any art, so pick wisely so you can Keep Making Art.

The Big Easy

New Studio Door

“New Studio Door”

OK, moving is never easy.  And downsizing your life is always hard.  Not just the personal stuff, but how about all those art supplies.  I recently moved from a 400 square foot studio with all kinds of storage to a 150 square foot extra bedroom with a tiny walk in closet.  At least I have a separate entrance, but am a little tight on storage for all the art supplies.  So, I started going through stuff with the intent to get rid of things I might never use.  Problem is, I might use it all.  Get rid of the oil pastels, I said.  But then the inner artist said that perhaps you might use them for a project.  I have never tried encaustic yet, so maybe that chunk of wax? Oh no, I’m for sure going to try that!  How about all that drawing paper.  Even if I keep using it, it might outlast me.  Yeah but it is all kinds of DIFFERENT paper, so I must keep it.  Do I hear the word “hoarder” rattling around in my brain?  Where do you draw the line?

It ended up that I did get rid of some things, before and after the move.  I also got a more organized way of storing all the stuff, so that I can use my space properly.  And the move seemed to throw everything into a tizzy, so I ended up not painting for quite a few months.  But just when I thought all was lost, even though the studio was still a ruin, I actually sat down and painted.  I think the knowledge that in a month people would be coming here for an open studio set the engine in high gear.  Forget about where the pots and pans go…… Keep Making Art.