“Tall Vase” Acrylic on Canvas

Well, OK, with all your best efforts, sometimes you just don’t get into a gallery or make a sale.

First I want to talk about galleries. Galleries are a business and the bottom line for them is making money.  Some of the big ones go with already established artists and won’t be of interest to you until you become “established”.  Others may reject your work because the person making the decision does not like your work or feels it will not sell to his or her known client base, or….simply has made the biggest mistake in the world!

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

The same goes with potential sales to individuals.  Either they simply do not like your work, don’t envision it fitting into their world, or have just lost a great opportunity!  (I was just in a gallery where a person really wanted a sculpture, did not buy it and when she came back the next day, it was gone.  Bet she won’t do that again.)

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I have watched people walk right past my booth at a fair and other people ‘ohh and ahh’ over the work.  For, as many styles of art as there are in the world, there are as many artists who create that work.  If it makes you feel better you can mumble bad things about the people who don’t buy, “they don’t have any taste, must be a rube from the country, etc. etc.”, but in reality the magic just did not happen.

It is more helpful to your well being to think that for every person who does not like your work, there are many more that do.  And for the many more that do, some of the sales are lost because they simply don’t have the money right now.  Or the timing was just off.

Every missed sale is still an opportunity, every gallery that rejects you is a potential venue for your work at a later date.  And sometimes, just sometimes, your work might have not been good enough…..right now.

But, don’t despair, Keep Making Art.