“Blondie” Acrylic on Board

So, the big question is,  how does a ‘cop’  become an artist? 

The answer is that you were always an artist!

I studied Art, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree, but still found myself in need of a job.  I started work as a Police Officer where the job was so intense it left little time for the art to have any space.  When I became a Detective I found that the profession did really have a creative side to it;  sitting across the table from a suspect required a certain amount of acting skill and a creative way of opening a conversation.  

For without a conversation, there can be no confession!

I think that I enjoyed the work because it gave me an opportunity to really observe people up close and personal; which is some of what an artist does.  Looking at the small details has always intrigued me and it is probably why I enjoy painting close-ups instead of landscapes.

I am glad to move back to my first love of creating art.  I feel at times that I have experimented with every medium that is out there (and still feel the pull to try new things)  but I quickly found a true love of painting with Acrylics.

So, I hope to talk about all I have learned in trying to reinvent myself as an artist and all the techniques I have tried.  Perhaps you can use some of the information for your own creations or find my trials informative.  Keep making art.